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We are a team of architects with huge experience, over 20 years and 300 works, specialized in smart refurbishments. We change whatever is necessary to multiply the physical and emotional value of homes, ensuring the profitability of the changes. The assessed value of the property once renovated always outweighs the cost of the reform. Homes adapted to new technologies that optimize energy, creating more comfortable places to live that are both energy efficient and therefore more economical to maintain.

We created a new concept in housing regeneration that we call NEW LIFE.


Over almost 20 years, with more than 300 projects built, but still, experience doesn´t make us happy. We solve without an eye blink all your architectural concerns, but we need more...

Customers worried about the environment where they live and want to improve it. People who understand how the place they inhabit or work has a deep influence on their lifes.

We develope a coach relationship with our customers, empathizing and searching for their real needs. Our ideal customer participates actively on his project, opening a dialogue that has an influence on the result.


Madrid Marbella Santander


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